Apex Point is a short sci-fi text adventure game that explores themes of consciousness and ethics. It was created during the Lone Rabbit Black & White Game Jam 2021.


Arrow keys for dialogue, game choices and controlling the character.  Z or X to select or proceed.

Play time

~5 minutes.


You wake up in a strange void with a mysterious top hat-wearing gentleman as your only company. Soon, bizarre things start to unfold. Will you make the right choice  and solve the mystery of Apex Point and the Coeus initiative?


  • Retro gameplay
  • Talk, fly, and solve the mystery of Bob and the Coeus Initiative
  • Two exciting endings

The game is text-heavy. The game contains mild glitch effects.


Character portraits by Sdivi Lee Hall (@anactualpokemon). Music by Gruber.


1.01 - Fix out of bounds crash in escape section
1.0 - Initial


apex-point_linux-1.01.zip 701 kB
apex-point_osx-1.01.zip 3 MB
apex-point_windows-1.01.zip 1 MB


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Amazing game this!

Very Cool!

Awesome game, the art was great and I love scifi like this. Great work!

amazing game!!

Very good game, liked the switch between mechanics, fits the story really well.

Enjoyed it! Nice work!

Such a cute design and fun story!

Very retro, love it!

Really cool graphic style, with a lot of glitch effects!

Pretty cool game! I liked the style of the terminal screen. Good game overall!